Representation of Women in Media & The Bechdel Test

Happy Women's History month! Whether you are a women or if you simply came out of one, we can all take some time and think about the portrayal of women in media. A few weeks ago, while moving 20 L jugs of chemical waste on and off a cart to give to the chemical waste... Continue Reading →


The Science of Curing Writer’s Block

For the last few weeks I've been stuck. How can I impart my pop culture knowledge onto you if I have nothing to write about? And, truthfully, why should I write anything if I can't come up with anything interesting to post. Writer's block. We've all had it - whether it's that essay on Chaucer,... Continue Reading →

The Science Behind Spoilers

I'm writing this mere hours after watching the long-awaited (well for me) Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. Almost 9 years after I sat on my parents couch watching the finale of my beloved series I got to sit on my own couch and see what's happened in Stars Hollow since. But, before I got to... Continue Reading →

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